Our pedagogy


Our pedagogy 

The English language is progressing at a rapid pace; its use is growing and finding its place in the Lebanese daily alongside with Arabic and French. The teaching of English is therefore a key concern of the Collège de la Sagesse- St Jean Brasilia, given the importance of English in the scientific, economic and technical fields.

English is taught as a second foreign language from Grade 5.
The program is planned as part of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our interactive teaching is based on the learning of English as a language of communication. This method  consists in teaching students to communicate in English naturally, spontaneously, and in meaningful ways ; with a mixture of  grammar, conversation, writing and  the backdrop of practical subjects such as encounters between people, travel, lodging, shopping, work, sports, health, etc ... By insisting on the exchange rather than fear of error, we favour a better communication.

The materials and books are in English and teachers teach the course in English from the first day. This is the most effective way to learn a foreign language as students retain vocabulary and grammar more easily and get used to communicating in English. The main reason for not doing the course in Arabic or French is that the structures of each language are different, and it is better to think directly in English rather than translate literally from one language to another.

We enrich our program by motivating and interesting activities based on projects, the internet, role playing, songs, news; thus enabling students to reinforce their knowledge. We study the cultures, customs, and ways of living abroad.  Thereby teenagers understand that the importance of English lies not only in communicating with people from other cultures, but also for their future professions, traveling, and international relations. All courses are taught with techniques and materials likely to ensure maximum efficiency so that fun and learning are really associated.




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